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Coffee and Pearl Milk Tea (3/3)
Title : Coffee and Pearl Milk Tea (3/3)
Pairing : Sehun/Xiumin
Genre : romance, fluff
Rating: PG
Length : three shots
Summary : Sehun still loves him.

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A/N: We use Korean age system. The flashback starts from 2009. That means Sehun = 16 y.o and Minseok = 20 y.o.
The time setting was during practice for MAMA Awards. That one they performed Mirotic.
This chapter is the short ending and Epilogue.
Enjoy~! ^^

Chapter 3 – Coffee and Pearl Milk Tea

Sehun stops dancing and the room is suddenly filled with silence. Minseok just arrived to Earth after his mind was travelling to the other universe. Minseok looks up and Sehun is standing in front of him, panting and sweating.
“Oh, you’ve finished?” Minseok asks and regrets it a second after the words came out of his mouth because he shows that he didn’t pay attention to Sehun’s dancing.
“I’ve danced for two songs already.” Sehun takes his water bottle, he flops himself down beside Minseok. Sehun leans to the wall behind him and drinks his water. He empties the bottle in a few seconds.
“Don’t you think it feels like the old time? Almost four years ago, isn’t it?” Minseok asks; his voice is soft and gentle. He doesn’t look at Sehun who freezes while looking at him; eyes wide.
It’s the first time Minsoek mentioned about their past. Sehun wants to ask back. Do you want to go back to the old time? Do you still love me? There are so many questions in Sehun’s head, but he just has to be tongue-tied at the moment.
“Can we stop reminiscing the past, hyung?” His voice is cold and he doesn’t know how he ends up asking that question. He is kind of feeling insecure. He’s afraid that Minseok is already forget him, maybe regrets have been having relationship with him.
“I’m sorry.” Minseok’s voice is small and Sehun can barely hear it, but he caught it anyway.
“We can’t go back to the past.” Now it sounds a bit crack in the end but Sehun doesn’t give a damn. He doesn’t care that he starts to voice out what’s in his head. “But we can always start a new beginning.”
This time Minseok decides to turn his head to stare at the younger. He smiles; and he hopes that Sehun could understand that Minseok still loves him.
“Hyung,” Sehun is now looking at Minseok, staring at Minseok’s brown orbs with all the feelings that words couldn’t describe.
“Do you realize where we are right now?” His eyes are twinkling and Minseok knows what is more beautiful than the stars.
“Yeah, this is the place where you said you love me for the first time.”
“It’s also a place where you kissed me for the first time. But you said we can start a new beginning. So…” Sehun leaves his words hanging.
Sehun leans closer until their lips only an inch away. Minseok even could feel Sehun’s breath on his nose. “This is the new beginning.” He closes the one inch distant. Sehun’s lips are warm on Minseok’s.
“You’re mine again.” Minseok says.
And Sehun shows his cute eye smile and says, “I’m always yours, Minseokie.”


Minseok chews the tapioca pearls and he promises to himself he’d add those pearls on his coffee the next time he buys it with Sehun. But he won’t drink this Caramel Milk Tea anymore; it’s too sweet to his liking. Sehun recommends him to try Taro flavored one, he said it suits the fluffy Minseok and Minseok decides not to order any of his recommends.
“What do you want?” Minseok asks before he sips his milk tea.
“Can we…” he licks his lower lip quickly, “can we let people know about us?”
Minseok chuckles. Sehun and his possessiveness. He snatches Sehun’s French Vanilla Coffee from the younger’s hand and changes it with his own. Sehun doesn’t protest. Of course he won’t, Minseok knows better that Sehun doesn’t really like coffee. Minseok shrugs, “why?”
“Why not??” Sehun pouts. “I just want to show the members that you are mine.”
“Let’s keep it as a secret. It’d be fun. Once the members ask about us, then we will let them know. How?” Minseok sips his coffee, glad that Sehun has asked to add tapioca pearls on his drink.
Sehun narrows his eyes but then he sighs. “Okay.”
“Now let’s go. It’s almost 8; they must be waiting for us.”
Sehun nods and takes his jacket. They walk to the dorm since it’s not too far. Sometimes he purposely grazes his hand with the older and smiles afterward.
By the time they are in elevator, Minseok thinks that his fortune is on his side because only both of them occupy the elevator. He takes Sehun’s hand and kisses the back of the maknae’s hand. Sehun turns his head to his shorter lover; he finds it sweet and cute seeing what his boyfriend did to him. He smiles then his other hand holds Minseok’s shoulder to turn him so they face each other. Sehun caresses Minseok’s cheeks he longgs for all these years. He leans and presses his lips to Minseok’s forehead.
When they arrive in their dorm, all the members already gather in dining room, good thing that they haven’t started the dinner.
“Where have you been?” Junmyeon asks.
“Bubble tea.” Sheun smiles and shows the leader his eye smile and Junmyeon can only sigh because Sehun really knows his aegyo is the leader’s weakness.
“You two seem closer, it’s nice to see.” Kyungsoo says while putting plates on dining table. Nobody comments about this again, maybe because Chanyeol, Jongdae and Baekhyun are too loud bickering about the chicken.
Luhan gets up and drags Minseok to sit on his side; it seems like Luhan already prepared his chair. Sehun knows Luhan and Minseok are best friends and he’s a bit jealous with Luhan.
When Minseok looks back at him and gave him a smile, Sehun smiles and thinks, “Soon. Maybe soon they will know that you're mine, Minseokie."

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now that this has done....
/jump off to the first chap/ :3


ssh shaddap /stick tongue out/


I WAS EXPECTING MORE DRAMA LIKE luhan walked in between them and made everything be more complicated and sehun got to fight his love even harder -- okay breathe /exhale inhale/

stupids in love, aren't they? boTH OF THEM JUST HAD TO SUCK OFF EACH OTHER'S FACE SINCE THE BEGINNING WHY MUST WAIT FOR FOR YEARS?? I THANKED MINSEOK'S FORGOTTEN BOTTLE 'KAY? or it might only be minbaby's excuses but whatever

but well, they made it anyway :')
and what was i thinking before to say luhan should be in their way? that brat already is, even w/o him noticing...poor sehuna u__u

and quite off of the semin's love life topic....YAY FOR THE BEAGLES LINE'S BICKERS kkkkk soo should be involved to the bickering i supposed xD

and last but not least, i READ THIS MEHEHEHE~~ thank you for writing xiuhun and ignoring me in the process of writing the epilogue /pout/

i'mma hope moreeee -coughlumincough- in the future from you love mumumumu (and flipping everything bcs you've promised me a krisbaek after you're done w/ this, right, rIGHT???)

okay, i think that's all i wanted to say /smile innocently/

aiaikoko, chu<3

I WANT TO WRITE MORE~ BUT NAH, NOT IN THE MOOD HAHAHA.. Bcs tbh I want a //pure// SeMin so--- yeah~ kkk

YESSS it was Min's excuse to go back to the practice room :))

you're welcome ai~ :D

yes yes yes~~~ I can't continue other fic if I still have the abandoned one so yeah, I'll continue the krisbaek then I'll write SeMin/LuMin after that :3

kokoaiai <3

this so sweet~~ I'm love this so much~~ how past sehun and xiumin close and break because management ,. and in last I'm find little xiuhan XD so happy for read this story,. romance feel~~ fiuh! good job author-nim ^^

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