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My Most Handsome Hyung
Title: My most handsome hyung
Pairing(s): Suho/Sehun, minor Luhan/Xiumin
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: Fluff, romance
Summary: Sehun chose Suho as the most handsome member, but Suho doesn't choose him.
A/N: I’m so sorry >_<

To Sehun, Suho always be the most handsome hyung, the most charming one, the best in everything, and also Kim Junmyeon is Sehun's lucky charm. Junmyeon has things that Sehun never had. Junmyeon has gentle smile, soothing voice, kind heart, and most important is his warm aura that is contrast with his cool one. Kim Junmyeon is perfect for Oh Sehun.
To Suho, Sehun is the most handsome member. Of course he thinks that all EXO members are handsome and have their own uniqueness. But Sehun is different, he's naturally shining. He looks cold and has charismatic aura which Junmyeon always envy of. Junmyeon always wants to tell the world that Sehun is perfect, but sometimes situation doesn't allow him to do that. Sometimes he can say Sehun is handsome in front of camera, but he couldn't always speak about Sehun because of his job, and image that he should maintain.


That day was the filming for the first episode of EXO Showtime. The members were already sitting in a room, listening to their PD-nim explained about how the show must be going. After some explanation, some of them were starting discussing about the script and some of them were reading the script seriously.

Junmyeon was thinking about how he should be when he answers the question about “Who is the most handsome member”. It’s a common question and it’s not only once they were asked that question. He knew, some members will answer it jokingly so the show will be funny and some of them will answer truthfully because they know the fans also wanted them being honest. So, Suho thought which way he should answer it.

If he was needed to answer it truthfully, Junmyeon knew the answer. But if he should say it jokingly, well… let’s just see how the show would go. It’s a reality show; they were given script about the plot, duration, and how the show should go on, but they weren’t given the full script about the lines that should be said.

“Whoa! We are really going to eat chicken?” Chanyeol’s loud voice made Junmyeon stopped thinking; he looked up and saw Jongin’s happy expression.

That was when he realized someone sat beside him. Looking at the long and pale fingers on that person’s lap, Junmyeon knew that it was the maknae. Junmyeon looked at his side.

“Are you happy?” Junmyeon asked, not with his leader tone.

Sehun nodded and gave him a small smile. It made Junmyeon repeat the younger boy’s action. Both of them broke their gaze to each other when they heard Lu Han’s “Xiuxiu you should choose meeee~” failed aegyo.

Junmyeon was about to speak to Sehun when PD-nim asked them to get ready. Both Sehun and Junmyeon stood up and headed to the filming location.

After a few while Junmyeon started to feel comfortable with the filming. He liked it very much. He liked it because he could show their fans how EXO acted in reality show. And he was glad because he thought he did well enough for their first episode. But then, it came. The time when they should answer for “who's the most handsome member?” in their opinions.

He's relief that it started from Kris. He answered himself, Junmyeon laughed; of course some members choose themselves. He answered it coolly as if it wasn't funny. So much for being Chadonam. Lu Han seemed he was caught off guard and suddenly looked nervous. He was looking at Minseok, sending some telepathy to the other man but Minseok only looked confused. Then he said, “Xiumin~”. Junmyeon could see Minseok's fake surprised expression then the older was smiling I-know-you-chose-me-because-you-want-me-to-choose-you while looking down before the camera could capture his expression.

After Lu Han, it was Chanyeol's turn and he easily chose Kai. Junmyeon knew Chanyeol chose Jongin because he just blurted out what's in his mind. Chanyeol and Jongin looked closer today since morning so maybe Chanyeol only thought the easiest way. And Jongin would never be a bad choice though. However, Sehun spilled his drink and the rest of members were laughing. Junmyeon knew the maknaes always picked on each other about this thing. But it made them should skip Sehun's part and it made Junmyeon more nervous.

D.O chose Baekhyun. Junmyeon caught D.O's eyes were looking at Chanyeol but he knew that choosing either Chanyeol or Jongin won't be a good idea so he took a safe way by saying Baekhyun, knowing he would be chosen too by Baekhyun. After some protests that D.O picked Baekhyun as the ugliest before, in the end he also picked D.O. Both of them were so cute and adorable and Junmyeon knew fans would like the relationship between these two babies.

It was Junmyeon's turn and he wasn't really ready. He thought he would choose Sehun if Sehun picked him, just to make it seemed like he turned the favor. But since Sehun's part was skipped, he didn't know what to do. So, he looked at his right side and said Jongdae's stage name, hopefully that the latter would pick him too and the fans talked about their (SuChen) relationship – he heard, it was pretty popular.

But Chen the trolling guy just needed to choose Sehun and the members were laughing at them again. They hadn't stopped laughing even when Yixing chose Sehun. Junmyeon was a bit glad he didn't decide to pick the EXO's baby because Junmyeon knew that both Jongdae and Yixing are being honest.

When it's Minseok's turn, Junmyeon could predict that the older would choose his boyfriend, Lu Han. Well, so lucky being Minseok and Lu Han because they could hide their real relationship behind the name of friendship, same-aged friends, and fanservices – they became more popular now. When Minseok said “Lu-ge~” he could see Lu Han's genuinely happy expression.

The attention was back to the next person, it was Zitao. Zitao usually would choose himself but he was looking at Junmyeon and sweetly said “Suho hyung,” while smiling shyly. Ah, he's such a cute didi. Junmyeon smiled happily because now he got voted.
In Jongin's turn, Chanyeol already posed as if telling Jongin that the younger must choose him after he chose Jongin. Jongin then chose Tao to make the noise erupted once more and Chanyeol looked surprised because he's not chosen. He called Sehun because he remembered that Sehun hadn't given chance to choose. Junmyeon watched Sehun who still looked busy with his business. Why did he take so long?

When Sehun turned to Chanyeol, he said he would be the last one but actually he's the last one and he looked not ready. Before Sehun returned to his chair, Jongin said that he chose Chanyeol but it seemed that the members didn't really catch it since the maknae had already sat down and said that everyone looked charming. Junmyeon kept listening carefully until he heard Sehun shyly (and nervously) mentioned his name. Junmyeon felt so happy because Sehun picked him and even happier than when he was picked by Tao. And what made him felt happier that the fact both Sehun and Suho became the most handsome members.
Since there had to be only one person, they decided it by paper, rock, scissor as usual. Junmyeon knew Sehun would pick scissor so he took out rock to make himself win. Sehun smiled and Junmyeon smiled too. Finally it's the end of this segment. There were still many segments they needed to go through.

Later that night at EXO dorm.

Junmyeon watched Sehun walked to his room only with towel around his waist. He knew that the younger boy just finished shower. After Sehun closed the door, Junmyeon quickly followed him and opened the door to Sehun's room.
Sehun, who was surprised because someone came in, wore his towel around his waist again only to find his angel smiling at him. “Ah, hyung.” he turned back and tossed his towel. He wore his boxers then took his t-shirt. Before Sehun could dress himself properly, Junmyeon hugged him from behind. He kissed Sehun's shoulder and smiled while looking at the mirror in front of them. “You made yourself win, right?” Sehun tilted his head to his right then kissed the crown of Junmyeon's head.

Junmyeon pulled back and sat on Kyungsoo's bed to let Sehun wore his shirt. “I don't want you to win~”

Sehun looked at him after sitting on his own bed and patting his side to let Junmyeon sat beside him. “And why is that?”

Junmyeon walked to Sehun and stood in front of the maknae. He cupped Sehun's cheeks with both of his hands and tilted Sehun's head so the younger was facing him. “Because you would make more fans and I will get jealous. You're mine.”

Sehun knew Junmyeon didn't mean that –except the last part. He hugged the leader's waist and nuzzled his chest. “Cuddle with me tonight.”

Junmyeon hummed then wriggled himself out of Sehun's embrace. He laid himself on Sehun's bed and the younger followed suit. He wrapped his arms around Sehun as Sehun nuzzled his chest again. “You're much taller now. More handsome and more charismatic. Sometimes I'm afraid I'll lose you.” He kissed Sehun's head.

Sehun chuckled. “You know that I'm yours. Forever yours.”


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