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finally I make this masterlist kkkk :3

Hello, I'm Tee. I'm in my mid-twenties crisis (lol) and I like writing fics. I love milk tea and anything green tea.

* = personal favorite
pairings are: seme/uke, so Changmin/Yoochun is different with Yoochun/Changmin~


Drunken Confession *
Chen/Baekhyun | Baekhyun was serenading Kim Jongdae, over four bottles of soju.

25 Minutes *
Lu Han/Xiumin | Lu Han realizes that he's in love with his best friend. And Minseok has already gone.

Ice Cream
(kind of) Xiumin/Lu Han | Minseok only wants to buy ice cream. But Lu Han insists to go along with him.

My Most Handsome Hyung
Suho/Sehun | Sehun chose Suho as the most handsome member, but Suho doesn't choose him.

My Rhythm (drabble dump because I love chanchen)
Chanyeol/Chen | Chanyeol makes a song for Jongdae.

Coffee and Pearl Milk Tea (completed)
Sehun/Xiumin | Sehun still loves him.
01 | 02 | 03


Caramel Macchiato (ongoing) (I know I'm on hiatus for a long time, but I really want to finish this T_T)
Changmin/Yoochun | warning: crossdressing | He was straight. He met her at his high school prom night. As things go on, it turns to be like caramel macchiato, bittersweet.
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

My Oxygen
Changmin/Yoochun | Yoochun is an observer– and Changmin’s oxygen.

Love Story
Changmin/Yoochun | 3 drabbles | They fell in love, they said goodbye, but they realized they meant to be together.

Still *
Changmin/Yoochun | He still love him. He is still unsure.

Perfect Place
Changmin/Yoochun | Changmin envies his band mates.

Roommate *
Changmin/Yoochun | Changmin got a new roommate

Let You Know My Love
Changmin/Yoochun | "My heart, don't be afraid. Let you know my love, you know... let you know my love."

Forget-Me-Not *
Yoochun/Changmin | Yoochun keeps sending Changmin potted flowers. And Changmin doesn’t believe to a playboy Park Yoochun

Backstreet MinChun drabble series (mostly fluff, listed in reading order)
Special Guest
My Melody
Spiderman Kiss *
Be With You
A Movie Title
I Simply Love You
No One Can Replace You *
Fan Service *
It Must Be SEUKI

Protecting You (ongoing)
Jaejoong/Yunho | warning: crossdressing | Jaejoong is an agent who got a job to guard the only son of the Jung.
1/2 | 2/2

Gravity (completed)

“It’s about how even if your body might not realize it, your heart can be pulled towards the person you love.” – Hwanhee
one | two | three | four

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