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My Rhythm
Title                      : My Rhythm
Pairing(s)             : Chanyeol/Chen
Genre                  : romance, fluff
Rating                  : PG
Warning               : It’s a failure. But I post anyway because it's September~
Summary             : Chanyeol makes a song for Jongdae.
A/N                      : It's been in my aff the whole time hehehe

Jongdae walks into Chanyeol’s room and closes the door behind him. He smiles seeing his boyfriend looks so serious in front of his computer – looks like composing a song – and doesn’t even realize that Jongdae is entering the room.
Jongdae circles his arms around Chanyeol’s neck from behind and kisses his boyfriend’s hair. “Hi.”
“Oh. Hi.” His eyes still focus on the monitor and his fingers do not leave the piano keyboard on the table before finally he raises his head a bit so Jongdae can kiss his cheek, and Jongdae does that.
“Are you working on a song?” Jongdae detaches himself from Chanyeol then flops himself down on the bed beside Chanyeol’s table.
Chanyeol hums. He looks at Jongdae and gives the latter a small smile.
Jongdae rests his hands below his head and stares back at his lover. “Mind to sing it for me?”
Chanyeol shakes his head. “Nope, it’s not finished yet.”
Jongdae pouts. “Will you give it to the company? It would be a good idea.”
“It’s—” Chanyeol pauses for a while before he continues, “a private song.”
Jongdae nods; he tries to understand that Chanyeol doesn’t want to give him any explanation about the song he is working on.
After Jongdae closing his eyes for a few seconds, he hears Chanyeol strumming his guitar. “Jongdae-ya, listen to this.”
Jongdae doesn’t open his eyes but he grins and nods, anticipating to hear Chanyeol’s song.

You’re my melody
I’ll perform for you (on and on)
You are my song
The soundtrack in my life
I love you
You lighted up the stage of my life
(I’ll sing it again) You’re my song
It’s your love your love
You told me the meaning of love (and on & on & on)
You’re my rhythm
A gift in my life
Giving me beautiful dreams
Always by my side
I’ll sing it again
You’re my song

While Chanyeol serenading him with their sunbae’s song, Jongdae can’t stop smiling and rocking his head side to side. He finally opens his eyes and directs his lovely gaze towards Chanyeol who already staring at him.

“So that was the song for me—about me, eh?”
“Yeah, of course.” Chanyeol puts his guitar. “It—it should have been your birthday gift. But I can’t finish it yet. I’m sorry.”
Chanyeol looks so sincere and Jongdae can’t help but loving him more and more.
He gets up and leans toward Chanyeol. He kisses his boyfriend and pulls away when Chanyeol starts kissing him back.
“Thank you. I’m going to wait patiently for that.” He smiles before he leaves Chanyeol to work on the song for him.

A/N (again): yeah, it is DBSK's song. The title is "You're My Melody". And no, it's not the song Chanyeol make for Jongdae. I can really imagine Chanyeol singing this song while playing guitar ;-----;

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Cuuuuttttte omggggg. This was the perfect distraction so I wouldn't have to write my essay! Lol (I'm sorry it's 4;48 and I've been up since 3 like whoa things are blurred lmaooooo).
(Plus it's chenyeol which is just A++++++++++++)
Thank you author-nim for writing!!!

aaah thank you for reading and commenting!!

good luck for ur essay! ^^

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