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Coffee and Pearl Milk Tea (2/3)
Title : Coffee and Pearl Milk Tea (2/3)
Pairing : Sehun/Xiumin
Genre : romance, fluff
Rating: PG
Length : three shots
Summary : Sehun still loves him.
A/N : We are in the universe where homosexual is common and is accepted in Korea, but not that they can go all PDA, and homophobics are still exist.

A/N: We use Korean age system. The flashback starts from 2009. That means Sehun = 16 y.o and Minseok = 20 y.o. This chapter is more likely 'fill the holes' in the previous story in Minseok's POV. Enjoy~! ^^

Chapter 2 – Kim Minseok's Story

“I got you~~ under my skin!”

“Woo~!” The clapping sound is heard as soon as the song ends. “Good job, boys! You guys can master it in only one day. I’m proud of you guys.” Yunho says as he walks to the panting six boys after practicing Mirotic choreography for an event.

“Sunbaenim, we are very thankful that you came and taught us directly this choreography today.” Kris says as he bows politely to his senior. The other five do the same as their duizhang did as they mutter thank you.

“Just call me hyung.” Yunho squats down and sits with the boys, making a circle in the center of the room. “I have time. And Jaewon said I can replace him. I want to do this. I like this song and I’m proud you get to perform this.”

“We are proud of you too, hyung.” Baekhyun grins.

“Tomorrow you guys will practice with the others for the whole performance, right? I’ll see if I have time tomorrow. I’ll come to see you guys.” Yunho smiles.

“Hyung, you don’t need too. We know you’re busy.”

“It’s okay, Jongin-ah. But, uh I think I have to go now.” Yunho stands up. He takes his duffel bag and heads to the door. “See you later!” Yunho waves and the six boys slightly bow and once again saying thank you.

Jongin was the first one who stands up and takes his belongings, followed by Baekhyun. “Ah, it feels weird practicing without Kyungsoo hyung.” Minseok heard him mumbles then he sees Baekhyun drops an arm around Jongin’s shoulder and whispers something to the main dancer’s ear.

Tao lies his body on the floor and Kris stands up the time Jongin says, “I’m going now. Sehun-ah, c’mon!”

“I’m... no. You go first.” Sehun replies then follows Tao to lie on the floor. Jongin only shrugs hearing his reply.

Minseok then stands up and offers his hand to Tao as Kris calls Jongin. “Yixing invites you guys to dinner at M’s dorm. Don’t come later than 8 pm!” Kris said with his ‘duizhang voice’.

Both Jongin and Baekhyun answer with an OK and bade goodbye. The four people in the room can hear Jongin yells “finally~!”

“Get up, Zitao.” Minseok starts to feel irritated because Tao won’t get up.

“Come on, Tao.” Kris’ stern voice success making Tao gets up from his position. Of course Tao doesn’t need Minseok’s help since he jumps up like he always did when he showed off his Wushu skills.

Kris looks at Sehun who still lying on the floor when Tao and Minseok already on their way out of the room. “Sehun-ah, you want to come with us?” Kris offers. Even though he’s EXO-M’s leader he also cares for this EXO-K’s maknae. Because, well, when they are together as 12, nobody cares who’s in K or who’s in M, because they are one.

Sehun glances at Minseok and Tao before he sits up and rests both of his hand on his knees. He looks at Kris. “No, hyung. I think I need to practice some more. I’ll come to your dorm before eight.” Sehun smiles, assuring the duizhang.

“But you’re perfect!” Minseok blurts out and Sehun averts his gaze to the older man. They look at each other for a good few seconds.

Sure, Sehun masters Mirotic choreography since a long time ago, he’s perfect at it and Minseok knows. But what Minseok doesn’t know is that he’s been a huge distraction for Sehun. How can he not? Minseok got that part he must do that hip thrust.

Kris’ calling brings them back to earth. And although Minseok has already gone, Sehun is still staring longingly at the empty space where Minseok was standing.


When Kris, Tao, and Minseok are about to enter another dance practice room where the other six practicing for Lucifer, Minseok stops.

“Uh, you guys go first. I left my water bottle.” Minseok says while scracthing his head.

“You can drink from my bottle, gege.” Tao offers; he looks for his bottle in his bag but Minseok interrupts him.

“No, Tao. I just go back there.”

As Kris nods, Minseok feels relief because it’s a sign that he can go now. Minseok shouts “I’ll be back!” as he runs to the other direction.


By the time Minseok is in front of the previous dance practice room he can hear Mirotic is played but he knows it isn’t the one arranged for their performance. It’s a full song of Mirotic.

Minseo opens the door and Sehun is in the middle of the room, dancing to Mirotic. He doesn’t realize that Minseok is in the same room until the latter closes the door.

Sehun stops dancing and glances at Minseok through the mirror. He walks to the tape and pauses the music.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?”

“I left my bottle here.” Minseok walks to his bottle and shows it to Sehun and Sehun nods. They still communicate through the mirror.

Yet, instead of going, Minseok takes a sit in the corner of the room. “Go on, you can continue what you’re doing. I’ll just stay here, watching you dance.”

Sehun looks at Minseok. Looking at his reflection on the mirror. He doubts if he should continue because, well, here comes the distraction.

Minseok leans his back to the wall behind him, waiting for the show. Sehun replays the song and dances to it from the start. Minseok stares at Sehun’s reflection. The thing he likes when Sehun dances is seeing his facial expression. Minseok always enjoys seeing Sehun’s expression when the latter dances. He envies and wishes he could have that charisma.

Watching Sehun dances alone in the middle of the room, Minseok can’t help but reminiscing all the history he has with the younger boy.


Minseok’s POV


Sehun-ah, I remember. I will never forget all the memories between us. Even though you may hate me now for all the things I have done to you.

I remember that time in bubble tea shop. You know that I love coffee and prefer the ones in The Coffee Bean, but I knew you liked to buy drinks in that bubble tea shop that’s why I tried to buy something. I didn’t expect to see you there, and I remember I treated you.

I always wanted to know about you since you joined in the company. You were so cute yet so mysterious, but you were so young!

I was happy because we were closer and closer since then. My feeling for you was developed into something I couldn’t understand anymore. Your genuine smiles, your childish laughter, your pouts and whining, those could make my stomach stirred and made me uncomfortable. But I was always happy when you were near. I still am, Sehun-ah. But I couldn’t do anything. You were too young. You were only 16.

After those months we spent tigether as... what? Friends? Best friends? Or hyung-dongsaeng? Anything, after those months, you confessed to me.

“Hyung, I love you.” You kept looking down, a slight blush appeared in your milky white cheeks. You were so cute. You were just finishing learning for new choreography, a task that was given by your trainer, you said. And I was there waiting for you while enjoying watching you dance. So I was surprised by your sudden confession.

“I love you too, Sehun-ah.” Despite my thumping heart, I tried to reply calmly and smile. Maybe you were saying this as a brother, right Sehun? Or maybe you wanted something from me? Or maybe—

“Hyung, I mean...” You bit your lower lip, seemed unsure of what you would say. “I mean, not as brother or friend.” You were still looking at your lap.

I couldn’t help but feel surprised by your confession. So, it wasn’t one-sided, Sehunie?

“I know.” I said, still trying so hard to keep my voice calm.

I brought myself to sit closer to your side as you finally looked up and stared at me expectedly. “I know. Like this, right?” I leaned until my lips touched yours. The kiss lingered for about three seconds before I pulled away. I could see your face was reddened.

You nodded then took my hand. “Minseokie, you’re mine now.”

I slapped your hand with my other hand. “Yah! That doesn’t mean you can call me that!” I could hear you giggled. To be honest, my heart was pounding so fast when you called me like that. I liked it. “And I’m always yours, Oh Sehun.” I mumbled, hoping you didn’t hear but I know you heard it since you grinned ear to ear.

“Sehun-ah.” I held your hand again.


“You want us to be debuted in one group, right? It’s still our dream, isn’t it?”

You only nodded and played with my fingers.

“I think we should be more careful, about us.”

“Careful?” You looked up, the confussion on your face made you looked more adorable.

“We can’t get caught by the company that we’re in relationship, we—”

“I’ll be careful, hyung. Don’t worry.” You squeezed my hand.

“I mean, ...I think we can’t be as close as we used to be. I mean, we should keep the distance between us.” You opened your mouth, I know you wanted to say your protests, so I raised my hand to stop you. “It’s only when we’re in this building, around the other trainees, Sehun-ah.”

“But hyung~~”

“Sehun-ah, please understand. I do this for your sake. I want to protect you.”

“Okay, fine. But, hyungie~” oh that tone. I sighed. I know, whenever he called me like that, that meant he wanted something from me.


“You should treat me pearl milk tea!” You smiled again. Oh God, that smile of yours, really made you looked like a child.


Sehun-ah, thank you...

Even though you were the one who always whined that you wanted to give up, but there I was the one who felt imperfect and thought I didn’t deserve to get debuted. But you were always telling me that I was perfect in anything, my voice, my dance, even my look. You should really look at the mirror, Sehunie. You’re young, handsome, and talented. But thanks, because of you, I can be who I am right now. Thank you, Oh Sehun.

Hey Sehun, do you know?

I was happy when I knew you were close to this new Chinese trainee, Lu Han. Lu Han was a nice friend, he is still a nice friend though. I was happy because you can get another best friend, someone you can talk to, someone you can lean on to. But you never know, sometimes I got this uncomfortable feeling on my chest. Was it jealousy? I didn’t want to lose you, Sehun. Neither as my dongsaeng nor as my boyfriend. But you guys were so attached to each other and you went to buy your favorite pearl milk tea with him. I was upset, yet I was trying to stay calm. I never wanted to show you that I could get upset this easily.

You knew, in life we will have our hard times. But, Sehun, my hardest time was when I had to say those things to you. I didn’t want to do that, I never wanted to do that but I had to. It’s for your sake, Sehun-ah. We had to be more focus on our training that’s why we had to break uo. I’m sorry, I knew it hurt you, but it pained me too. But I guess, what I’ve decided made a good result, hm? When I was called by the ‘big boss’ that I’d be a member of a new group, I was happy. Then as I opened the door, I saw you were already there. There were other trainees but all I could see was you, looking at me. We made it, Sehun-ah!

I tried so hard to pay attention when the creative director and his staffs told us about out concept, I tried not to steal glances at you. They told us we will be divided into two sub-units. They called it K and M. The K’s are Junmyeon, Jongin, Changyeol, Kyungsoo, and Kevin. The M’s are Yixing, Lu Han, Zitao, you... and me.

The unexpected thing was... when they said that you should show your friendship with Lu Han to the public, and they called it... fanservice. What was this?

A month after the team was formed, they called us again. They said they would add one more vocalist to each sub-units. And well, they gave me bad news. You’ll be switched with Kevin. That meant you’ll be in K and I’d stay in M.

Well, at least we’re still in one group together right Sehunie? So maybe we can talk to each other like in the past. Or maybe I was wrong. You seemed like you wouldn’t want to talk to me. Yeah, I know it was all my fault. I made you hate me.

I was thinking, now that we’ve already broke up, you never really talk to me, you didn’t care about me anymore?

I can’t even be your best friend, or your hyung anymore?

So, it’s really over...

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wOW IT'S ACTUALLY MINSEOK WHO WENT TO KISS SEHUN FIRSt!! somewhere in other universes ludummy must be jelly bcs minbaby never-- okay, jst ignore

well, i don't really get why minseok wanted to call it a quit w/ sehun. was it bcs the debut thingy or luhan or just his own (stupid) insecurities... /le sigh/ whatever it was, i just could say they're mutually hurt u__u

now i can't wait to go to the epilogue :*

t-that was because... minseok's insecurities and he wanted sehun to get opportunity to debut so he let him go... something like that... I'm sowwy if you don't get it ;A;

TT_____TT WHY DID YOU READ THIS /hides in blanket/

I KNEW IT. always playing a safe game, huh minseokkie -__-

yah! stop whining about me reading this -3-

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